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Networking in the Time of COVID-19

Here we go again! Networking in the time of COVID-19… We are in this really weird space in time when people are out looking for jobs but one of the major drivers of building pathways to a new position is shaken up. Thanks, COVID-19. Networking in the time of COVID-19 has taken a hit, and… Read more »

Industry Memberships are Job Search Lifelines

Industry memberships are a critical tool in every job seeker’s job search tool kit. However, they are usually the first thing a job seeker drops due to the cost. What they don’t know is that by NOT renewing those memberships, it actually costs more in the long run, mainly time lost by not connecting to… Read more »

LinkedIn Profile Killers That Make Employers Ignore You

LinkedIn profile killers lurk everywhere. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t know the warning signs. The LinkedIn profile killers seem rather mundane, but have a calculated effect on how you are perceived by not just employers, but potential business connectors or partners. Do you have one of these LinkedIn profile killers? No information. I see… Read more »