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Managing Up As a Way to Get What You Want

Managing up as a way to get what you want is a great trick. I got my first glimpse of this technique when a former boss once spoke about management by attraction. This is the process by which you create such a great work culture that it simply draws people in organically versus having to… Read more »

How to Get Promoted

How to get promoted isn’t difficult, but it does require a lot of pre-planning. Oftentimes, people will assume that bosses see each individual worker on their own merits, and approach that person about promotions. The reality of how to get promoted is much more complex than that. Identify your career target Know what the next… Read more »

Retirement: How to Get Off The Work Merry-Go-Round

Retirement – it seems like a million years from now, but for many baby boomers, it is now suddenly looming in the rear-view mirror closer than ever. Consider the following example: Last week, I was providing résumé reviews at an industry conference, and a woman sat down in my booth. She sighed heavily, and said… Read more »

The Secret Second Life of Your Career

The secret second life of your career? What does this mean? Let me preface this explanation with this background thought: All of us have experienced a path of our own choosing to arrive where we are currently. Circumstances and people have helped sway and bend the shape of that route, but ultimately, we are the… Read more »