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When Leaders Need to Gracefully Exit

When leaders need to gracefully exit is directly tied into their EQ. But more importantly, it really says more about their character. I recently worked with a leader diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, and this person had finally reached the crossroads of their career with a decision to make. This was the pivotal moment of knowing… Read more »

Job Titles Can Be a Slippery Slope On Your Resume

Job titles can be a slippery slope. In a previous blog, I discussed how employers can be stingy with the job title for a position, especially when it might mean having to pay the employee more based on additional responsibility. Similarly, job titles can be a slippery slope on resumes. Putting All of Your Experience… Read more »

Looking Productive When Unemployed

Looking productive when unemployed is critical to show potential employers that you still have your career mojo going on. Everyone knows that there are a ton of reasons as to why someone might not be working at the present. But it’s what you do with your spare time that still matters. My advice to people… Read more »