New Career and New Outlook

new career and new outlook

“A new career?”

This is often a question clients ask who seek to make a pivot.

Yes! A new career and new outlook are what the doctor ordered.

Oftentimes, and even now more than ever, people search out greener pastures via a new career and new outlook.

It could be to escape boredom.

Or to escape “Bosszilla.”

Or gain new skills in a new career.

But the scariest part, I can assure you, is to take that leap of faith despite feeling like you are about to leave planet Earth.

Planting the seeds for growth

Change is scary. But it can also invigorate by activating your intellect.

As a result, this means absorbing details and intricacies of the new job and new career.

The best part is drawing from previous experience or knowledge and translating it into your new job.

Ultimately, the end result is a brand-new outlook.

This is an opportunity to learn things, stretch your envelope, and get exposed to new situations or new ideas.

This has a profound impact on your psyche.

It’s ok to be scared in a new career

But know that it is perfectly fine to feel apprehensive when first starting a new career.

This means having little or no contacts as well as a whole slew of new things to take in, which can be frustrating at first.

Oftentimes, we enjoy knowledge mastery but that only comes with time spent on the job getting the work done.

“OTJ Training,” as my dad used to call it – on the job training.

Wherever your direction may take you, have a sense of awe, excitement, trepidation, and joy.

Become a student and this facilitates your learning approach. The greater you open the door to new ideas and practices, the more you will grow.

As a result, you will be successful building a new career and new outlook.