The Secret to Phenomenal Career Growth

Career growth is something that frequently gets derailed and stagnated.

Oftentimes, we get stuck in jobs because the work we are doing demands a rigorous routine and our complete focus.

Being consumed by our work means that it consumes our attention away from our career.

If you are feeling like you are in a rut and uninspired, the best place to start is this quote from Eleanor Roosevelt:

Do one thing a day that scares you.

This doesn’t mean radical things.

The things that scare you are ones that push your envelope.

Simply put: this means trying something new. Routines are ruts and unto themselves a repeated process that takes place over and over again.

Time to break that up.

It’s all about finding things that can inspire you.

Help you learn new things.

Apply new ideas.

Be exposed to novel concepts that challenge that status quo.

We are not talking skydiving here.

It’s all about incremental growth but growth nonetheless.

What you are really doing is taking time for yourself.

This requires creating space, purpose, and opportunity.

And it’s pretty easy, actually.

Use your calendar to create your own timelines and work plan.

Every 6 months, create a reminder to sign up for some classes to add for your skill sets.

Every 3 months, plan on doing an assessment of your work environment to look for “stretch assignments.”

Every week, read at least one article that changes your perception of things.

Every day, evaluate your job for ways to improve it or enhance the work that you are doing.

Career growth begins when you start making time for yourself.

When you aren’t growing, it means that you are neglecting yourself.

By taking charge of your career growth, you flourish within your work life, earnings potential, and career advancement.