Interview Super Prep That Wins the Job

Interview super prep is taking what normal people do to prepare for an interview… and put it on steroids.

Will you use all of the knowledge that you gain in the interview?interview super prep

Possibly not.

But what you do gain is one thing: CONFIDENCE.

Remember that adage that knowledge is power?

It’s true in this interview super prep situation as well.

When you take the time to review a target company’s complete profile, you will be much better versed to speak to virtually anything.

I’m not saying you need to remember everything, but even glossing over some recent things can prove to be helpful fodder in the interview conversation itself.

Consider this important interview super prep points as ways you can be ready for your big interview:

  • Review the company’s website inside and out, you will have a better grasp of what they are all about. Make sure to really get to know the vision statement!
  • Skim news articles that mention the company, you can bring information up in the interview and highlight it.
  • Search for articles written by company employees, you can build emotional connections with the people working at the company.
  • Root out the press releases on the company’s media site, you have an idea of what is important to them.
  • Scan social media posts about the company, you can gain insights about how they engage their customers.
  • Read the LinkedIn profiles of people who work at the company, you can get some perspective of the type of culture at this target company.
  • Speak to your contacts, they oftentimes can share insider information on what the hiring managers really want out of this position.

As the saying goes: “The more you know”…   in the case of interview super prep, the more you know can make the difference as to whether you get the job or not.

Think of it from this perspective: If you can be as conversant in as many angles as possible as it relates to the company, you will ace the interview.

And that’s because you simply have more weapons (aka data) at your disposal.

So go ahead and do the interview super prep.

You won’t regret it.