Career Ladder Exploration Has Many Different Facets

Career ladder exploration isn’t sometimes what you think.

Most people immediately start thinking that this concept means moving up and moving out.

But sometimes, career ladder exploration can go laterally, versus vertically.

That is also part of the process.

So let’s look at career ladder exploration from the upward-mobility perspective for a moment.

Moving up means added responsibility, career growth, an increase in pay (usually), and personal knowledge gain through new learning experiences.

But if you really want to be good at it, you should be aware that getting some formal training is in your vested career interest.

Most of us already know about Bosszilla, the person who got promoted in over their head. They might have been good at their job function area, but when they end up in a management role, employees spend hours complaining about their leadership failings and end up not being productive.

That’s where you can turn the corner in career ladder exploration.

Not only do you want to learn different skills related to your job function, but upward mobility also means being the best MANAGER possible ladder exploration

Understanding the best practices of managing people, resources, financials, and timelines is a fine art, and if you focus on learning how to do it right, chances are the people working as your subordinates will benefit and make you look good by wanting to do their best too.

But in addition to the career ladder exploration in moving up, you should look at the broader picture.

How can you gain skills or maybe translate your current abilities into other areas that might be more rewarding?

A ladder is often thought of as something that helps you ascend heights.

But ask any mountaineer who has had to cross a crevasse on some lofty heights, and they will tell you that a ladder is also a bridge to where you want to go.

The ladder functions as a way to cross that great divide.

So think of the career ladder exploration process as something that can move horizontally as well as vertically.

It’s up to you to figure out where your destiny lies, and use these available tools to help you get to where you’d like to go!