Top Thing You Should Never Do in a Job Search

The top thing you should never do in a job search isn’t a secret. job search

But many people do it anyway.

It something that is so alluring that it’s almost irresistible.  It preys upon our hope… and our fears at the same time.

What is the top thing you should never do in a job search?

It’s to stop looking once you have a tangible prospect in the pipeline during your job search.

You know you’ve done it.

  • We rationalize the sequence of events should we receive multiple job offers.
  • Things look so promising with the current prospect that it seems that everything is coming to fruition.
  • We are afraid that this might be the only job offer in the works, so we pretty much put all the eggs into one basket, cross our fingers, and hope for the best as we progress through interviews at the target company.

And much to our chagrin, things don’t work out the way we wanted them to… and because we have stopped our job search and held our breath, waiting.

Which ends up being our undoing.

Because we hit “pause” on a job search because of that surfacing prospect, it means that when things don’t work out, we have to start over from scratch.

So you should always KEEP LOOKING even if you are currently interviewing. It’s much better to have multiple options than none at all.

The top thing you should never do in a job search is to put a hold on it… for any reason.

And more importantly, top careers industry experts recommend that even if you aren’t actively looking for a job, you should always keep an eye open for possibilities.

Otherwise, you lose forward progress, and the juicy prospects will pass right on by.

Is that a risk you are willing to take in your career?