Résumés and Online Portfolios Need to Pop in 2015

Résumés and online portfolios need to stand out visually, from this point forward.resumes and online portfolios


Humans, are, for the most part, visual creatures.

And we pay attention to things that catch our eye.

We simply can’t help it.

This is now becoming true with résumés and online portfolios.

While we’ve resisted the urge to make our résumés and online portfolios “pretty” for a long time, the fact that content is still king still matters in the long run.

But what has changed is the order of priority.

It used to be that the résumé was seen as the first part of a job search.  You send it out, it gets noticed, and you get called in for an interview.

But with the impartiality of applicant tracking systems punishing job seekers for not including precise matching keywords, combined with a crowded job marketplace… and things have come back full circle to old-school methods.

That’s where networking comes in.

Résumés are now the follow-up collateral sent AFTER networking contacts are made.

And while personal connections pave the way to being asked for résumés and online portfolios, making an interesting and visually appealing marketing pitch through career documents that pop solidifies your background to help seal the deal.

According to Millenial CEO and social media expert Daniel Newman in a recent Forbes article, visual content will explode in 2015.

As we continue to mature the marketing of ourselves through résumés and online portfolios, the need to make it visually interesting is becoming even more paramount.

Once you send a link or a document to a potential employer, your 6 seconds to make a distinct impression with the target audience begins.

Capturing attention, cutting through the noise, and ultimately, cementing your personal brand through imagery and strong content become paramount.

So creating clear, concise, and compelling visual content through résumé and online portfolios is quickly becoming a must in order to stand out.

Here are some ways to make it happen:

  1. Add color to your résumé – figure out which one by visiting Personal Branding – What Color is Your Brand by William Arruda to determine one that best fits you.
  2. Incorporate a brand image into your résumé – understand what you might offer and how you might encapsulate this into a single image.
  3. Consider adding photos of you in action doing your job, volunteering, or hosting a client.
  4. Create an infographic of important milestones in your career.
  5. Upload video demonstrations of some unique aspect of your work.
  6. Start a Pinterest board that is related to your career field.
  7. Include non-confidential presentations on SlideShare to demonstrate your expertise and knowledge.

These are just a few ideas but you should expand your thinking beyond just facts as career materials. In 2015, résumés and online portfolios need to pop, and integrating visualizations will be a must!