New Job: How To Rock the First 30 Days

You got the new job and are on top of the world!

There so much possibility.  Everything is bright and shiny. This is everything you ever wanted.

Awesome. Now it’s time to rock it like the rock star that you job

Some companies will provide an on-boarding process through an orientation or new employee training.

But the truth is that many are rather lacking in this department.

And this is where you can positively shine and totally rock it.

You need to develop a plan to rock the first 30 days of your new job, and here’s a template to get started:


  • Set up office
  • Meet your co-workers and learn office layout
  • Review business / department goals /objectives for new job
  • Review work flows, communication channels, and organizational charts
  • Schedule meetings with key colleagues
  • Meet with supervisor to outline expectations for position and best ways to communicate with them; also determine immediate priorities
  • If possible, spend time training with predecessor being trained on unique nuances of position
  • Spent time getting familiar with company vision, brand, and culture



  • Interact with coworkers to get to know fellow team members in new job
  • Gather information about customers and clients to better understand their needs
  • Understand how position supports the short / long-term strategy of the department and, in the larger sense, the entire organization
  • Conduct initial meetings with a wider circle of people you will be interacting with in this new job
  • Gain historical knowledge from others on past key successes; ask questions about previous challenges / obstacles



  • Solicit feedback performance and ways to improve contributions
  • Start triaging projects to complete easier projects, and then determine what needs to be done with more complex and challenging ones to start working through those; get others involved as needed
  • Provide regular updates to supervisor to check in and note progress in new job



  • Make suggestions or recommendations for process improvements while garnering buy-in from colleagues
  • Increase capacity to add depth to scope of work in new job
  • Review first 3 weeks with manager to note progress to goal and their expectations; discuss course corrections, if needed, and line out expectations for next 30-60 days
  • Volunteer for special projects to boost bandwidth and increase job knowledge while building connections to additional co-workers
  • Continue work to familiarize self with all key stakeholders and project details


By taking the reins, you can rock your new job by creating an outline of what success will look like while providing your boss with reassurance that you are going to hit the ground running.

Now go get ‘em!