Getting No Response After Interviewing

Getting no response from an employer after an interview has to be one of most job seekers’ top pet peeves. getting no response

We’re talking crickets.

The deafening sound of silence.

That noise the television makes after the stations go off the air.

Aggravating, isn’t it?

There’s tons of advice out there on how to follow up.

The first task you need to complete is to ask permission to follow up as one of the closing parts of the interview.

Example:  “Thanks for taking the time today to meet with me to discuss this position.  I realize you are considering other candidates through additional interviews and will need to take some time to make a solid decision.  If I don’t hear from you in ____ week, may I contact you to check in?”

Then, after the interview, it’s important to immediately send a thank you email and/or handwritten note in which you reaffirm your interest in the company and position, mention a fact that you might have forgotten in the interview, and thank them for their time.

Then, you wait.

And wait. And wait some more.

If the employer was willing to give you an anticipated decision date granting you permission to contact them, then do so within the specified time frame.

Another tactic is to “ping” any contacts you have within that company to get the inside scoop on how far along the selection process has moved to better understand the timelines.

But after doing all of the prerequisite due diligence, and you are still getting no response, then you have arrived at a crossroads.

There’s a fine line between being the “eager beaver” who wants to demonstrate a sincere desire to work at the company and conduct the appropriate follow-through (as courtesy demands)… and becoming a stalker who doesn’t know when to let up.

Therein lies the crossroads that each candidate must face if they find themselves in this situation where they are getting no response.

You HAVE to let go, emotionally.

No matter what you do on your end, you cannot force a decision out of an employer… especially when you desperately want the job and think that it is a good fit.

You’ve done your job, and it is time to let the rest lie to fate.

Just realize that there might be a million different reasons why you are getting no response after interviewing.

It’s not like the employer jumped out of bed that morning and said, “Awesome! It’s another day that I am going to leave (your name) hanging about this job!”

Here are some examples of things that might be happening on the employer side that might delay the decision:

  • Budget issues might have popped up.
  • The decision maker might have had to go out of town or had some other demand on their time.
  • Personnel might have shuffled around.
  • An important project came up.
  • The company changed direction.
  • An internal candidate might have come forward.

My point here is that if you do everything right, land the interview, then do all of the follow up as you know you need to do, then you’ve done your job.

As frustrating as it is (especially timing-wise when you are considering multiple job opportunities and possible offers), you then have to let go of the reins and let fate happen.

Job seekers need to know that when they get crickets and are getting no response after interviewing… it’s NOT THEIR FAULT.

It’s time to move on and not put all of your proverbial eggs in one basket.