Boasting Is Not Part of Your Career

Boasting “ain’t” where it’s at.

Never has. Never will.

Look how far boasting got this guy:  (watch this video)

He thought he had done a great job and was celebrating himself in the end zone, except he neglected to see a very large mistake he made on the way there.


The very best football players, or for that matter, any worker, should never be boasting.

You should always approach things with a sense of being grounded.

There’s nothing wrong with being excited when everyone has a big win… but the key is to remember that no one person is responsible for the team or company’s success. It takes a team, and if you take credit and boast, it only serves to isolate you.

And when you boast about something either you messed up or took credit for something someone else did, you look like the foolish idiot like the football player above.

When it comes to our careers, it is important to own our successes, but instead of saying, “I did this!” while thumping one’s chest, it’s much better to say, “Here’s how I helped.”

While most boasting mistakes don’t play out live on national television, they can come back to haunt you.

So remember to quietly celebrate your wins, but it’s only when you focus on being the helper to achieving that win rather than owning it outright, you’ll have better career karma.