Being Present… Always

Being present is important for everything you do.

Last night, I was participating on Twitter for the Monday evening #InternPro chat, and the discussion revolved around this topic:  “Don’t throw in the towel yet: “How Will You Make the Next 30 Days Matter?” by @CoachJennie.

The reason for this chat conversation?

A lot of people looking for jobs simply throw up their hands in December, thinking that it’s a “blow-off” month where the holidays become all-consuming and not much hiring gets done.

This belief couldn’t be further from the truth.

The good news is that there are a lot of companies preparing the budgets for the coming years. The numbers are in this year, and they are catching their breath.

It is in this pause that by you being present, and in the moment, you can make your move to stand out, connect, and build that meaningful relationship you’ve been seeking with a target hiring manager.

Most people know that anything worth doing means being in it for the long run. Giving up so close to the finish does nothing to get you any closer to what you want or desire in life. You have to commit 100%, and see it through to the end. And sometimes if you quit, you miss the most important lesson of all: how failing the goal could have taught you something new about yourself or what is really important.

Being present in the now keeps your eyes and mind open to additional possibilities. It keeps you focused. And if you give up before time’s up, you may miss opportunities that others will snatch.

Never give up on the present. To do so compromises the future.

And by being present and not obsessed with what’s ahead, you find the opportunities that present themselves which help you get what you want.

being present