Your Attitude Defines You… And Your Job Search

File:Wooden rocking chair.jpgZig Ziglar once said, “Your attitude determines your altitude” and he couldn’t be more right.

I remember when I lived next to an exceptionally grouchy old neighbor. No matter what, I always said “hello” when I spotted him outside sitting on his porch.

“How are you doing?,” I would venture.

His response?


It never varied. Day after day, the same reply.

And he sat alone on that porch, day after day.

I never did see him smile or look happy.

And that kept me and other neighbors away. We tried reaching out, but his attitude was so awful that everyone finally gave up.

Now imagine that in a job search.

Yes, looking for a job, especially when you aren’t working, really sucks.

But so does a bad attitude. Do you really think that people want to be around someone who is grouchy and negative all the time?

I didn’t think so.

Keeping an upbeat attitude (despite the occasional pity party) is critical to your success. Positive attracts positive. Negative simply repels everything it comes into contact.

Your attitude soaks into everything you do- how you talk, how you walk, how you look someone in the eye, how you respond, how you engage.

Your attitude, truly, is everything. It defines you and your job search.

So pick up the pieces, and keep going, and don’t become that grouchy old neighbor who ended up being all alone.