Job Candidate Crazy: 15 Ways They Take Themselves Out

job candidateIt’s a crowded job market these days, with many job candidates competing elbow-to-elbow for available jobs. But some folks do us all a favor… they are taking themselves out.  All by themselves.

Here are some ways that some job candidates are revealing their inner crazy and turning off employers:

1)      Body odor.  Crazy factor:  Apparently raised in a cave, bathing is a novel concept to the job candidate. Along with fire and eating utensils.

2)      The opposite of body odor… Too much perfume / cologne.  Crazy factor:  They are self-obsessed and don’t care that they are gassing everyone else out with Axe products.

3)      Handshake. Crazy factor:  Too strong of a grip means power issues.  Too weak of a grip means you are trying to hand me a wet fish.

4)      Lack of eye contact or too much eye contact. Crazy factor:  Any kind of crazy eyes is bad. Especially the darty, rolly ones from a job candidate. Really bad.

5)      Lack of hygiene. Crazy factor:  Um, if you just wiped your nose with your fingers, I am not going to shake your hand.  I just won’t.

6)      Poor grooming. Crazy factor:  If I can see what you had for breakfast in your beard, so can my customers. No thanks. Next job candidate.

7)      Long, rambling resumes and cover letters. Crazy factor:  The interviewer is looking to see if you have a tinfoil hat nearby.

8)      Awkward conversations. Crazy factor:  Employers are asking you employment questions, not out on a date.

9)      Creepy conversations. Crazy factor:  If you make me feel that you were just under my bedroom window this morning, I’m getting a restraining order.

10)   Too many emails. Crazy factor:  Job candidate hasn’t been out of the house in years and is desperate for a new BFF.

11)   Playing games with decision makers. Crazy factor:  Negotiation is fair; playing hard to get or mental games… that means you are coo-coo for Coca Puffs.

12)   Always being right. Crazy factor:  Yeah, right after the boss, who is always right, too.  Get in line.

13)   Asking weird questions back. Crazy factor:   A job candidate asking employers questions during an interview is good. Weird ones?  I need to consult with the X-Files team and get back to you with an answer.

14)   Begging for a second chance. Crazy factor: No means no. You can persuade me through professional, polished actions to be considered for future positions, but begging reveals inner crazy willing to risk everything, including personal humiliation.

15)   TMI.  Crazy factor: You didn’t need to open your mouth and let out all of your crazy. Seriously.

If you recognize any similarities to these inner crazies, it’s time to rethink your approach.  You might just notice a difference in how people react to you!