Who’s Driving The Interview Bus?

interview tips, Dawn RasmussenSo, who is exactly in control during the actual interview? Did you guess the employer?


You BOTH are in control.

Most job applicants mentally hand over all the power in a job search to the prospective employer, being that they (the
employer) has something that the candidate wants (the job). It’s easy to think that the target company is the sole decision
maker as to whether they hire that person or not.

This is a dangerous attitude to take, because in essence, you are effectively handing over the power of the situation to someone
else, when in fact, you equally hold the reins.

Remember, the employer also has a need and is looking for the best way to fill that need in the most expedient manner

If you have carefully managed your career, are confident in your abilities and what it is that you offer to the employer, you
also have control in the interview room just as much as the employer. Flip the dynamics around, and suddenly, you are the
industry subject matter expert who is top in your field, and what you offer is exactly what the employer is seeking (perhaps
even desperately so).

Preparing for interviews truly boils down to three things: Subject matter expertise, knowledge of the position/company, and
enthusiasm/confidence. If you have these three pieces, you have a great start to what promises to be a great discussion.
You’ll be so relaxed and confident about those three areas that the rest will fall into place.