Social Media Profiles

social media profiles, job searchOne of the harshest realities of job seeking today and managing one’s career is that embracing technology is becoming an
absolute. Those that refuse to risk becoming part of the digital divide and are regarded by a growing number of companies as
obsolete. Technology is driving a lot of workplace innovations, and by not embracing social media, sends a strong message to
potential employers that there is a skill disconnect.

In short: If you aren’t out there, they can’t find you. Or even worse, if you don’t show up in search results, companies could
interpret this to mean that you are a “nobody” who doesn’t even pop up on the radar screen.

With these rules of thumb in mind, it has become a necessity to build online social media profiles in order to register a “hit”
or “ping” on employer searches.

There are multiple resources out there on all the steps involved in building effective and robust online profiles… but the key
is that you absolutely NEED to get on there. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, and Google+ are all great places to start. This
will help you formulate an online career management strategy and put it into action.

Take the time to learn the platforms, fill them out completely, and keep them updated. It’s not as time consuming as you
think… it will be initially a big investment, but once you get the set-up complete, you’ll usually only need to post quick updates
on a regular basis.