Getting Past Job Search Fears

“There is nothing to fear but fear itself” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

Establishing yourself in the workplace or beginning the hunt for a new job is probably one of the scariest things you can ever
do. Most people express a great deal of fear when faced with new opportunities.

But it can also be one of the most powerful and rewarding experiences. We grow the most when we overcome things
that we fear, and can learn new things about ourselves that can add dimension and depth to our character as well as our
understanding of the world.

Someone once told me that change is the most terrifying when we actually desire or need it the most. This, in turn, can make
us feel like we are standing on the edge of a precipice; uncertain as to whether we can make that leap of faith or not.

Understanding the building blocks of your career management strategy will help you become a smarter and wiser job seeker,
and ultimately help you overcome the very fears that could be holding you back.

Fear is real. And what we are really scared of is the failure of our actions. Life’s lessons will tell you that there never is a
guarantee for success in any decision you make. It always comes down to a series of calculated risks and educated guesses…
nothing more and nothing less. Sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose. It’s the risk we take, and the fear comes from the
uncertainty from the lack of any kind of guarantee.

Being conscious of your value in the workplace and responding to opportunities that come along can help you conquer those
most of those job search fears.