Bad Marketing Gone Wrong – Personalization Matters in a Job Search

I’ll admit it.  There’s a war going on… right here on my desk.  Specifically, it’s taking place in my in-box.

Day after day, I spent probably 30 minutes going through e-newsletters that I have been ‘added’ to without my permission, and taking the time to unsubscribe.

Then I am greeted with a message: “Please don’t go!  Tell us why you are leaving.”

Really?  Do you ACTUALLY have to ask???

Some person in some marketing department somewhere probably purchased a ‘list’ and gleefully added a whole passel of email addresses, thinking that they hit paydirt.

But what is really happening?

The lack of targeted focus and ultimately, refining the prospects that they are adding to their database is really going to end up being quantity, not quality.

What kind of database does the company really have when 90% of the contacts have never bought from that company, and if asked, would never do so in the future???

Ok, now that I have gotten this rant off my chest, this same lesson can be applied to your job search.  Let’s take LinkedIn connections… do you see where I am going here?

What use is a giant network of people that you have ‘added’ to put another notch in your belt and feel ‘loved’ by countless connections, when in fact, they have no idea who you are and wouldn’t be too motivated to act on your behalf during your job search?  People help others that they KNOW and have a meaningful rapport with… not complete strangers who really just want to use you.


What use is a list of recruiters that you blast your resume out to when they have never interacted with you before… and don’t know you from boo?

My point being is that the tide has turned.  Mass marketing in any context without any attempt to qualify and understand your target audience is entering the realm of dinosaurs.  We are all getting over-dosed on information coming our way, and as a result, are getting more sophisticated about how we want to be communicated to either via phone, email, web or via print.

Clicking ‘send’ without doing the proper legwork and qualification really is one thing, and one thing only: LAZY.

And you know what my attitude is? FINE.  If you don’t take the time to find out about me and what I want and how we might build a meaningful relationship together, then what you are really telling me is that you don’t care about me.  You just want the opportunity to market to me. Or worse… use me.

In order to earn that opportunity, you have to build my trust and buy-in first… and the only way you can do that is by taking the time to know me first.

So don’t be lazy in your job search or any other marketing campaign… take the time to build those relationships… that’s where the real paydirt is!