Are You Ready To Be A Manager?

We all want to trend upwards in our careers. There’s the better pay, more responsibility and increased recognition, and the opportunity to raise your career profile by tacking on the coveted ‘manager’ title.

But along with that elevated status, there comes increased responsibility. That also means doing some of the more odious things that managers do, like conducting staff performance reviews, firing someone when needed, resolving interoffice personality conflicts, and the tedium of keeping the company ship sailing smoothly by constantly checking on everything else. All this can take you away from the work that you love to do or excel in doing.

Then, there’s the “Peter Principle.” Haven’t heard of this one? It references the point in your career where you are promoted to your own highest level of incompetence. Sound familiar with any former bosses that you’ve had? They might have been a superstar in sales, then got the pat on the back and a promotion. But do they have any managerial skills? Do they address workplace conflict in a productive way? Can they actually lead the organization? A lot of times, the answer is no.

So, the truth of the matter is that sometimes, people are better served staying at the level where they excel and in the types of tasks where they find enjoyment in their work.

This is a great blog post in on the NW Jobs Web site that my sister spotted and sent my way to share with Pathfinder blog readers, which really outlines the pros and cons of moving up the career ladder. Take a look, and tell me what you think!