How to be a Job Search Santa

Ho ho ho!  The holidays are upon us, and Christmas is just around the corner.

But unfortunately, many people aren’t feeling so jolly this holiday time simply because they still haven’t found work, which can be incredibly depressing during this time of gift giving.

If you find yourself in this situation, here’s a few tips that will help you keep your head up and still enjoy the celebration. You can be a Job Search Santa, believe it or not, and here’s how you can still enjoy the spirit of the season… which is giving:

1)  Find a volunteer opportunity and give of your time. Not only are you helping a noble cause, but you are also making connections and learning new skills that can be helpful at a later time.  And you never know when good karma can circle back to you as a result of giving your time and energy!

2) Realize that we all live in abundance, and give back.  You might not be able to give a physical gift to someone, but stepping outside your circumstances and helping another person engaged in a job search by offering your contacts and advice, that can also help lift another person’s spirits as well.  Open up your Rolodex and your calendar, and you’ll be amazed at how helping others helps you as well.

3) Mentor someone. “Brother, can you lend me a hand?” No matter how bad your circumstances are, there’s always someone else who has it worse or just needs that one person who will help elevate them to the next level… and you could hold this key.  Mentoring someone can help bring out the best in you and help lift someone else up. You might not have a job to offer that person, but helping them achieve their dreams can help you realize your own! By working with each other during a job search and supporting one another, everyone gets a boost.

4) Thank those that have helped you.  Remember to drop a note or even pick up the phone to thank people who have helped your job search, no matter the results.  By taking a moment and making this gesture, you are giving a valuable gift back: gratitude.  In our fast-paced society, appreciation and gratitude are not expressed often enough, which oftentimes leads to the impression that many people have a sense of entitlement.  Instead, give a gift of thanks to those who helped you, and that will touch their very heart.

The spirit of Christmas is about giving, whether it be big or small, it’s the effect that matters.

How can you help someone else by giving?

Merry Christmas!