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When Personal Trauma Affects Work

When personal trauma affects work, things can go sideways fast. Traumatized employees have anaffected ability to learn, think, manage change, and relate to others. Your mental state and even attention can be completely distracted from the work that needs to be done, resulting in costly errors or accidental omissions. Additionally, when personal trauma affects work,… Read more »

Declining a Job Offer

Declining a job offer is a tough thing, especially when you need a job and money NOW. However, sometimes, it is the right thing to do and not necessarily easy, since you don’t want to burn any bridges. You never know where the people of the company may land in future jobs.  Or, you might… Read more »

Compensation Negotiations: Don’t leave money on the table

Compensation negotiations are a funny and fickle thing. Most people spend more time researching and preparing for large purchases like cars and houses. But they spend less time on preparing for getting the compensation they will need to pay for those big ticket items. Most people get so focused on the salary part of the… Read more »

Did You Bring ASS-itude to Work by Accident?

ASS-itude is a term coined by a friend of mine and I liked it so much I thought it worthy of a blog post. There is nothing wrong with being assertive on the job, but when it turns into ASS-itude, that’s where things are very likely to end badly. Yes, we have good days and… Read more »