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Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?

Why did you leave your last job is a common question job seekers get during interviews. There are a multitude of reasons as to why. Some of them are good (“I was recruited!”). And others, well, not so good. (“I got fired.”) Why did you leave your last job? Spin your answer to this routine… Read more »

Declining a Job Offer

Declining a job offer is a tough thing, especially when you need a job and money NOW. However, sometimes, it is the right thing to do and not necessarily easy, since you don’t want to burn any bridges. You never know where the people of the company may land in future jobs.  Or, you might… Read more »

Interviewing the Interviewer Helps Get the Job

Interviewing the interviewer? Are you serious? Yes. It’s a pretty well-known fact that every candidate should bring in questions to the interview to look smart and invested in the outcome of the discussion. But interviewing the interviewer, too? Let’s put it this way: despite the perception that the employer “has all the power” in the… Read more »