Looking Productive When Unemployed

Looking productive when unemployed is critical to show potential employers that you still have your career mojo going on. Everyone knows that there are a ton of reasons as to why someone might not be working at the present. But it’s what you do with your spare time that still matters. My advice to people… Read more »

When Your Job is Literally Killing You

When your job is literally killing you, it’s time to pay attention. Cases in point: I was at a conference this past week providing career coaching advice, and three separate individuals sat down in front of me with two very different stories about how their job was hurting them.   One person was in a… Read more »

Profile-Killing Headlines on LinkedIn

Profile-killing headlines on LinkedIn abound. ((Warning: I am about to go on a well-intentioned rant!)) The WORST possible profile-killing headlines are ones that lack substance. They don’t indicate value. They don’t even tell the reader what field or job target that you specialize in. Want examples? Easy enough: Unemployed Available Looking for new opportunity Leader… Read more »