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You will be working directly with CERTIFIED professional resume writer, national career management speaker, and author Dawn Rasmussen for the personal attention you deserve on this important project. All services include up to two rounds of edits to the first draft provided, and a Microsoft Word and PDF version each of final resume via email (and printed, if desired) – except for resume reviews. Document turnaround times average 72 hours. Please note: we are booked at least one week in advance.

If you would like to get started, please email me at from your personal email address. Many employers are using spyware to track employee activity, and I don't want your job search compromised by conducting personal business while using company time/resources. Once I hear from you, I will send instructions on how to kick off your project.

Resume Review


Thorough review of career document includes specific, actionable feedback geared to provide job seeker with recommended areas of improvement, with targeted suggestions. No re-writing or personal consultations are included with review. If, after review, resume requires re-development, amount already paid for the review will be applied as a credit towards new document.

Student Resume


Positions new graduates entering professional career by highlighting skills and knowledge. Specifically targeted for high school or college (undergrad) graduates with very limited or no previous work experience.  If you have any work experience at all, you would fall under the mid-level investment. The mid-level also applies people who have worked previously, and then gone back to school.

Mid-Level Professional Resume


Best level for "worker bees" who have had some autonomy and leadership in their career and are seeking to move up to a higher level of responsibility, salary, and job title. Limited management of other staff teams (usually 1-2 people), but have had personal accountability for program or division outcomes.

Senior Management Resume


Senior positions (directors, senior managers) needing to effectively highlight their managerial abilities and accomplishments. Key skills spotlighted to be leveraged for executive positions and career advancement. Senior managers have managed people, resources, or strategic direction in their career.

Technical Resume (geared to skills)


For technical backgrounds and includes a detailed presentation of specific skills which are important to demonstrate expertise and knowledge. This level is meant specifically for persons in IT, high tech, software, or any field requiring highly specialized skill sets.

Curricula Vitae (CV)


International-style and academia/scientific presentation of professional credentials providing synopsis of educational and academic background. Also features honors, affiliations, research or teaching experience, special publications, presentations, awards, and other details relevant to career history. Each CV is also produced to meet uniform international formatting standards.

Federal Resume

I highly recommend working with Camille Carboneau Roberts at CC Career Services who is one of the top federal resume writers in the U.S.  Federal resume experts are in tune with the latest changes and requirements of these federal applications which are completely different than regular CVs or resumes.

Executive Resume


Executive, Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, or Chief Executive Officer resumes require greater attention in order to highlight executive value propositions to prospective employers. Includes keyword-specific targeting, positioning statements and executive-quality documents reflective of C-suite experience. Profile


Personalized online profile on this important career networking site builds a bridge between your professional branding and résumé credentials.

Personal Brand Coaching Session


This session walks through developing a personal brand that you can use in social media, your resume, email signature lines, as well as a separate elevator pitch tailored to tell your unique story at networking events and when introducing yourself. Includes 30 minute consultation session and detailed notes emailed to you as follow-up reference.

Socialize Me! Social Media Package


Struggling to get online and establish a presence so that employers take notice? Forty-two percent of employers are now looking online to source quality hires, and if you are not on there, they cannot find you. This package includes setting up a robust LinkedIn profile, optimizing pages on three major social media websites, creating a Twitter account, and establishing a Google+ page. A 1-hour consultation plus worksheets will be provided during the course of this project. Be found and take control of what employers are finding online, before someone else does it for you!

Entrepreneur's Quick Start


Looking for a career move that means starting your own company? I've been there! This session will help you develop a business plan, refine your brand and market positioning, and provide a check list that can help you get a quick start on opening your doors while avoiding pitfalls most new business owners aren't even aware of when getting started.

Executive Biography


Professional summary of senior management background for use in presentations, as well as short written statements specifically meant for print publications.

Cover Letter


Professionally-written cover letter with specific keywords integrated to demonstrate experience and skill, using client background as the solution to the employer's staffing problem. Complements the résumé and provides prospective employers with an insight to your unique assets.

Interview Coaching


Learn how to prepare for making the strongest showing as a candidate during an interview with this one-on-one coaching session that will go through how to prepare for this important meeting as well as conduct role-playing to build your confidence.

Job Search Coaching


Stuck on how to get started? What does it REALLY take to conduct an effective job search? This one-on-one session will provide you a step-by-step job search plan to maximize your efforts in the areas of your highest degree of job search success.

"Dawn created a resume for me which helped articulate my value as an executive. She is very professional and works very quickly. I was impressed with her understanding of the universe of job seeking and her voluminous website. The cost was a professional investment and a value for what I received. I give her my highest recommendation and would hire her again without hesitation. Thank you, Dawn."
— Cindy B., CEO
"When I found myself laid off and out of work for the first time in a nearly 20-year career, I was in a panic and didn't know what to do. Fortunately for me, Dawn knew exactly what to do. She worked with me to craft a resume that highlighted my most marketable skills and showcased my most impressive accomplishments. The result was the best, most effective résumé I ever had, and that resume helped me land a new, and more importantly, better job before my severance had even run out. Thank you, Dawn!"
— Darin L., Public Relations Director
"I met Dawn at the Oregon Employment office when I was laid off from my news director radio job. I knew I was going to hire her five minutes into her lesson. Dawn is the consummate professional and she really knows her stuff. I thought I had a good resume until I started working with her. She showed me how I was not up to date with what employers were looking for and how the use of keywords and catch phrases would be beneficial to me in our electronic world. Dawn made my resume "shine" and I can say I’m now happily employed as a news reporter at Portland’s #1 news radio station. I have recommended Dawn to several colleagues and they’ve all called to thank me. I’m not the hero, Dawn is. She’s a “gem” in her field and beyond."
— Janine W., Radio Personality

Special note to prospective clients

Beware of resume writers offering interview guarantees based off of their work; any ethical and professional writer will tell you that there is no “Golden Rule” to resume writing and there is no guarantee for success – a successful job search includes a polished, professional resume, targeted job search, and making as many networking contacts as possible!