Forget Job Security: Build Your Marketability!

Most people would agree that they have fallen into their current work passively, or through a series of circumstances. Does this sound familiar? If it is, it's now time to seize control of your career destiny and not just passively count on job security!

Because loyalty and longevity in the workplace have become nearly extinct to both employees and businesses, working professionals are now focusing on building their marketability. Actively engaging in this process transforms how people perceive you through careful cultivation of a personal brand... and ultimately shapes what you offer to current or future potential employers. And the most successful people are already smartly and actively managing their careers from the day they enter the workforce until the day that they retire.

Career management, a revolutionary way of looking at an entire lifetime of employment, is a new concept which focuses on the 10,000-foot view of your career.  It guides how you perform and act on the job every single day, and steers you in the right direction when preparing for job searches.

Forget Job Security: Build Your Marketability! provides step-by-step instructions on how to manage your career and market yourself to attract promotions, salary increases, as well as new opportunities. If you want to move forward and find a path to success, this book will provide specific strategies and targeted advice which are road maps for career success!