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Top Career Torpedoes You Need To Avoid

Traveling along on our respective career paths, everyone should be aware of what potential landmines exist along the way that could prove to be obstacles to building a stellar reputation. From working with literally 1,000+ clients over the past few years, here are some things I have observed that are the biggest problems that could… Read more »

How Your Email Address Can Torpedo A Job Search

Have you done an audit on your email address lately? I don’t mean opening up your account and looking for messages.  I mean taking a closer look at the actual email address that you are using. I have received a number of emails from some very interesting address names lately.  That being said, if you… Read more »

“Massaging” Your Job Titles Can Be Hazardous To Your Career Health

Client résumés flow into my office all the time, and some of the most interesting things come to light once a project gets started. One particularly startling fact keeps rearing its ugly head: People take exceptional liberties regarding previous job titles they’ve held when listing them on their résumé. Uh Oh. Cue the “Dum… da… Read more »