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Exiting a Job… with Class

As most people know, your career reputation follows you everywhere. How you conduct yourself on and off the job matters, but one area that is especially tricky is when you are leaving the company. Whether you are moving on to your dream job, or if you suddenly got handed a pink slip, you need to… Read more »

When Job Costs Outweigh the Pay

Jobs costs can sink you. Seems like I have heard from several people lately seeking advice about what to do when a work situation has become intolerable. The boss is a tyrant, or an evil co-worker is constantly waiting behind a cubicle to back stab you, or even, the work load is so overwhelming that… Read more »

Starting Your Own Business: Do You Have What It Takes?

Starting your own business is both harder and easier than you think. With recent news reports indicating that joblessness and unemployment have returned to the top of most American’s concerns, and many experts saying that some jobs will simply never return, the prospect of never again finding employment in a specific career field has become… Read more »

Mailing Addresses on Résumés: Include or Not?

Mailing addresses – who’d thunk? I think I just stepped into a veritable cow pie. The Society of Human Resources Management has a LinkedIn group where HR pros discuss a variety of topics. One recent post caught my attention:  “Why you must include mailing addresses on the resume.” Human resource professionals and recruiters weighed in… Read more »