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An Open Letter to College and University Career Centers

Hi there.  You haven’t met me yet… but I and a whole lot of people would like to make your job a lot easier. We know you are overworked. Understaffed. Not to mention totally stressed out. And with a best guess, most definitely underpaid. After all, your job requires being a resource to each graduation… Read more »

Career Chameleon 2.0: Six Tips You Need to Know Before Changing Industries

Let’s face it: the days of yesteryear when people slogged away in one profession or job have long gone past the wayside. Today’s work force is now highly motivated, mobile, and extremely transient.  Various numbers being tossed around these days range from 5-8 years at a single position before employees start poking around for new… Read more »

Top 5 Common Cover Letter Pitfalls to Avoid

Some people may argue, legitimately, that many human resource managers and hiring directors barely exact a passing glance at the cover letters that job applicants labor so diligently over. But it never seems to fail that while many qualified candidates have a pretty solid résumé, most don’t deliver on the cover letter. So why are… Read more »