Month: January 2018

Job Titles Can Be a Slippery Slope On Your Resume

Job titles can be a slippery slope. In a previous blog, I discussed how employers can be stingy with the job title for a position, especially when it might mean having to pay the employee more based on additional responsibility. Similarly, job titles can be a slippery slope on resumes. Putting All of Your Experience… Read more »

Job Titles can be Deceiving

Job titles can be deceiving in many ways. Sometimes, it’s your current boss / company who is pretty stingy with how job titles are structured. Other times, it is a simple lack of understanding about what the job entails that results in a poorly-created job title. So, what do you do when you hit either… Read more »

Should You Connect on Social Media with Co-Workers?

Connecting on social media with co-workers can be some of the most rewarding activities… or one of the most awkward, divisive ones. Because we spend so much time at work, it’s easy to fall into an easy comfort zone with co-workers. Heck, some of my best friends (20 years later) are people with whom I… Read more »